MISTI together with the Humanistic Co-Design Initiative invite you to a half-day virtual workshop on Assistive Technology and Design on the 18th of July, 14:00-18:30 (GMT Time zone) Co-design’20 is an immersive half-day virtual workshop where we will learn how to create assistive technology solutions for our disabled peers. By applying Humanist Co-Design Process and learning about various disabilities, you will work in cross-disciplinary teams on pre-set challenges to come up with an established solution/idea by the end of the workshop. Best solutions will then be carried forward and have a great possibility to contribute towards a real change. Due to the fast-moving nature of the event, we promise a lot of learning, great connections and many opportunities for long-term involvement. #### What we expect This is not just a one-off event, we expect you to join our team and start initiating change in your community after the workshop. We will support you along the way including weekly meetings, expertise and funding opportunities. Whether you can dedicate 3h or 10h per week, all the contribution is very welcome and appreciated. ### What you will learn During the event, you will get to know Design Thinking principles and will put them into practice. Also, you will understand the lives of differently abled and identify ways to assist them. Rapid prototyping will be another important aspect at the event. You will also get ongoing support to develop your ideas in the future and receive exciting opportunities to get involved with the Humanistic Initiative project. #### About Humanistic Initiative Having run successful 3-day Co-Create workshops in Saudi Arabia and India, Humanistic Initiative is making its way to Europe/Middle East/Africa to gather its’ peers to host, this time, a virtual event. Humanistic Initiative comprises a group of motivated engineers, makers, organizations and individuals to raise awareness of various disabilities and create assistive technologies. Spaces are limited, register now to secure your spot at the workshop. (Due to the logistical challenges we are only able to accept European, African and Middle East Participants) Instructions: Create an account on the website by clicking "sign-up" below and afterwards click "workshops" on the top left corner to register to the event. You will receive an email with further information once the registration is finished. We look forward to meeting you at the event!