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#MOTIVATION Though there is a lot of technological development out there, in terms of implementable VI solutions, not every VI friend has the privilege to access these solutions or use them for their development. For example, one of the VI friend's in a village in Telangana realized that they can use a computer only at the age of 21, until which he considered himself to be completely dependent on his family and rarely stepped out of his house. There are many such instances where the knowledge of what is possible is lacking, and in some cases even with the knowledge, the necessary resources in terms of access to this technology might not be possible due to lack of funding or dispersed resources. The core goal of VI-Connect is to bring together the necessary resources to enable the VI friends benefit from the developments and thereby providing them with the freedom of choice on what they plan to work towards further. Example projects could be: 1. Connecting the VI friends in your locality to the hobby teachers - by providing them support for transport. 2. Capture and tag pictures of public places with an intention to identify places that are accessible for the differently abled. 3. List of organizations specifically in Chennai, such as schools, Govt. bodies that provide services supporting the VI. For any clarifications, you can reach out to the challenge creator - Prithvi Raj.

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